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Fur Cleaning & Care

A fine fur offers timeless beauty and long-lasting durability

Absolutely nothing compares to the luxury and style of fur. Nature's elegant answer to winter, a fine fur offers timeless beauty and long-lasting durability. Resilient and naturally durable, a fine fur garment can be enjoyed for many years, if cared for properly. Give them the care they deserve by following the basic guidelines below.

General Rules

  • Store in an ample space away from direct sunlight
  • Never store in unbreathable bags such as plastic bags
  • Keep away from high heat sources such as blow dryers and radiators
  • Avoid spraying hair spray and perfumes on your fur
  • Contact a fur-cleaning specialist for cleaning your fur
Store your fur away from the sun
Store your fur away from the sun.
Do not store your fur in plastic bag
Never store your fur in a plastic bag.


Always hang your fur on a broad-shouldered clothes hanger in an ample space in your closet ( never squeeze a fur coat into a cramped corner ). Use a cloth bag when traveling; never store your fur in a plastic bag (this will dry your coat out).

During the summer months, we strongly recommend professional storage with a reputable furrier who has temperature- and humidity-controlled vaults; it's an inexpensive and foolproof way to protect your fur from dust, dirt, and insect damage. Lastly, take care not to leave your fur hanging in direct sunlight or a brightly lit room; the fur could oxidize and change color.

Hang coat to dry if mildly wet
Hang coat to dry if mildly wet.
Professional dry cleaning
Professional leather dry cleaning facility recommended.


Most fur coats will handle light rain and snow better than many wool coats. If your fur is mildly wet, simply hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room, making sure to keep it away from direct heat. Do not blow dry or hang over a radiator. Once the fur is dry, give it a vigorous shake; never comb or brush a fur. If your fur gets completely soaked -- which you should absolutely avoid -- you'll need to take it to a fur merchandiser or fur cleaners immediately for proper treatment with oils.

Away from heat source
Keep away from heat source.


What should I do if my fur gets dirty?
Leave it to the professionals. Many stains and smudges can be adequately treated by fur-care specialists in your area. Do not go to a regular dry cleaner unless they specify years of experience cleaning fur. Do not attempt to condition your coat at home.

Do not try to condition your coat at home
Do not try to condition your coat at home.

Maximize the Lifetime of Fur Garments

We recommend you take your fur to a professional fur-care specialist for annual cleaning, conditioning, mending, and tightening of closure, buttons, and lining. Fur-care specialists can detect early tears you might not have noticed, and they will expertly replenish your fur with essential oils that can enhance longevity, softness, and sheen.

What products or treatment could harm my fur?
You should avoid spraying perfume or hairspray on your fur, as well as pinning jewelry directly into the garment. Also, overuse of shoulder straps on handbags can cause premature wear and tear on your fur. Never attempt to mothproof your fur; the fibers can absorb the odor and carry it with them for a long time.

Avoid pinning jewelry on your fur coat
Avoid pinning jewelry on your fur coat.
Professional cleaning annually
Professional cleaning annually.


Where can I send my furs for cleaning, storage, re-styling and alterations?
We recommend Custom Fur Designs at [email protected] or at 428 west 4th ave Anchorage, Alaska 99501 or call 1-888-722-3877