Knitted Natural Chinchilla Ruffle Scarf
Knitted Natural Chinchilla Ruffle Scarf

Knitted Natural Chinchilla Ruffle Scarf


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This 30-Inch long by 5-Inch wide natural chinchilla knitted scarf is the epitome of softness and warmth. Feel 20,000 hairs per square inch against your skin and you'll never go back to your wool scarf you've had forever. The moment you put this scarf on and feel the softness, it'll bring an instant smile to your face - it always does for us!

Edwin G. Bowen and Ross W. Jenkins whom authored "Chinchilla: History • Husbandry • Marketing" (1988) tells us that, "a thousand years ago, chinchilla was used by the powerful and great Incas, who established an empire in Peru prior to the Spanish conquest. They used the skins for all kinds of adornment and even wove blankets with thread made from the fur. The softness and the distinctiveness of the fur was valued highly and provided them with clothes and blankets, as well as a "badge of distinction". Subsequently, chinchillas were used by a tribe of Indians known as Chinchas, and it was this particular group whom the Spaniards first met and conquered. So the animal was named after them, and it means Little Chincha. This was during the 1500's and, although chinchilla fur did reach Europe shortly after that, it did not become popular until the 1700's."

Disclaimer: The scarf's length is measured from the back of the neck (where the scarf lays) down to the bottom edge (where the scarf hangs). It is not the total length from edge-to-edge if laid out on a flat surface

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