Knitted Sable Ruffle Infinity Scarf
Knitted Sable Ruffle Infinity Scarf
Knitted Sable Ruffle Infinity Scarf

Knitted Sable Ruffle Infinity Scarf


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Instantly dress up any outfit with this 30" Inch-round knitted ruffled sable infinity scarf. Almost as soft as chinchilla, but as durable as fox fur, this scarf will turn heads every time

It is without question that Sable fur is the most valuable fur in the world. (2022) tells us that Sable "has historical importance for Mongolian, Roman, and similar ancient civilizations" because it was primarily reserved for royal individuals. Back then, if you had Sable fur featured in your wardrobe, even if it was just the trim, you were regarded as having a high social standing. When it comes to quality, Russian Sable remains the highest in terms of color and softness. "During the czarist times, a large portion of the imperial family’s income came from sable fur, and they only sold sable fur to other crowned heads. However, Barguzin sable, which is the finest sable, was reserved for the Russian imperial family. That was the reason why it was known as imperial or crown sable." (; 2016)

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